Hradecky Nuz 2024 Exhibition

This time I had a chance to visit knives exhibition in Hradec Kralove. As you can notice, expo happened in May, what is rather unusual, but it looks like we will have another one organized in the end of the year. In my opinion it was really great to visit Hradec Kralove at this time of year as everything is blooming and weather is rather nice for a walk around the city. It is approximately 2hr drive from Prague, so not that problematic.
As usual, let’s start with the video-report from the expo.
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This time I tried to make more of musical walkaround, but it might be worth doing a bit of commented walk next time. Stay tuned for December 😀

As usual, exhibition offered two types of contests – the best stand and the best knife. Each candidate for the best knife was marked with number as the stand of the master.

Overall quality is really impressive here. You can see the attention to small details as well as finish of those works.

Here I really like how knife works with the case and handle. Overall design is quite beautiful, but as far as I remember, this one was sold straight in the morning.

Masters were showing not only full custom works, but also some more “trivial” knives which can come handy for everyday use.

It looks like next time I should get more macro-shots of those knives as there is plenty of stuff to see.

Yes, kitchen knives were also on the show. Prices on all photos are in Czech Korunas. 🙂

Note that video also shows the names of different manufacturers. So if you like some of the works and want to buy them – it should be easy to find those masters.

Some of the custom knives have really interesting ideas behind them. For example here we have several types of the steel combined together.

I managed not to buy anything this time, but maybe next exhibition it will be different and I will shoot small review as well.

You might have noticed that some of the knives are coming with custom cases. Those leather items are something to behold, so again you will see more in the video.

Yes, those are old rifles which were available for sale too. Really impressive things, but prices were also quite sobering. On the photo below you can see almost all the tables with knives. In my opinion the new venue suits the event, and I hope that next exhibition will be as good as this one. 🙂

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