How Not to Buy DJI Mavic Air

This won’t be a review article. I would rather call it as personal experience section. 🙂 Today we will talk about me trying to get new DJI Mavic Air and save a bit of money. Well, you can guess that everything turned out to be not as easy as it might sound. Let’s start from the beginning.
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Going Efficient

I am quite used in getting some gadgets from other people. We all know these situations when something is not sold in your country, but somebody brings it for sale. This time my main reason was not scarcity, but cheaper pricing and more or less convenient delivery. I decided to use Avito website (Russian web for private ads) and found guy selling several DJI Mavic Airs. After short talk with him we agreed on time and place for meeting.

Of course we met with that guy, he seemed to be responsible person. As for the new drone, everything was sealed and secured, so I didn’t even think about opening it. We exchanged money for drone, and I happily drove to my home. All interesting things started later.

Right after I arrived home, box was unwrapped, seals cut and top flap went up. What I saw inside was shocking to say the least. There was flour! Just bag of freaking flour and nothing extra! My first idea was to go find this guy, but how you can do this? That’s why I went straight to police in Moscow. After short explanation of the situation to officers we went to the place of purchase. Yes, there were cameras, but his face was barely visible… Police also took fingerprint tests from the box, and left me confirmation papers. Several weeks passed already, and there is no clear solution to this situation. Police is still searching, even though this guy was still available via phone when I came to police. I am quite sure that they just don’t care about such cases and don’t do much.

TLDR for This

Here I can write only one conclusion – always open wrapped boxes. No matter what seals are on them and how seller protests – just open it and check contents.

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