Homo Faber unifies Masters

Ok, we always write about expensive watches and cars, so let’s try something different. Today we will talk about Homo Faber – major cultural exhibition in Europe. This year it will happen in September, and here are several interesting things about it.
By the way, here you can read article with unusual creation from MB&F.
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Center of Craftmanship

Some might say that words above are too loud, but I think they are suitable for upcoming expo. Just think of it – masters in different areas will gather in one place and display their works. Word “Different” here has quite literal meaning, because, you will be able to meet masters in jewellery or even bicycle-making. In other words, everyone will be showing their skills. Believe me, there will be plenty of special things to see. Each one has special methods and rarest techniques, which you can see right on expo. One can hope that some of those creations will be available for purchase. 🙂 Exhibition stretches over several spots, so you will be able to see more of Venice.

Back to Basics

In my opinion, the main thing here is return to human values. Homo Faber promotes traditional craftmanship and new things created with human hands. No machines, no computers, only hands and soul. Such approach has the place to be, especially today when even your refrigerator is controlled by AI. We are gradually moving into fully digital era, and such exhibition show that there are still people who care about soul in things around. Moreover, Homo Faber will be held in the same time with Biennale of Architecture in Venice, so you can appreciate more nice things at once. 🙂 If you wonder about dates – all should happen on 14-30 of September. Autumn looks like the perfect time to appreciate masters and their creations.

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