DJI Ronin SC – Lighter Means Better?

Ok, today we are going to talk about new DJI Ronin SC. Chinese manufacturer decided to improve current model, which is famous for its hefty weight. Well, there are also some changes, so let’s not waste time and talk about them. I ordered them in terms of importance from my point of view.
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1. Axis Locks

In my opinion that’s the most important feature in the new Ronin-SC. Now instead of using weird rubber bands or huge carry cases, you can just lock the axis on gimbal. Locks are implemented as sliders which should be easy to use.

DJI Ronin SC Axis Locks

2. Reduced Weight

Previous generation is heavy and it is hard to deny this. Well, new model comes as lighter version and should be easier to carry around. Combine it with the feature above and you would get a nice combo for carrying in backpack. The only concern is that you will have to attach/remove handle, right? Well, here battery seems to be installed inside, so you won’t be doing this over and over again.

3. Activetrack 3.0

This feature is advertised as handy for those who would like to get smooth “flyaround” shots. Well, DJI is famous for its software, so maybe this activetrack won’t disappoint. The only thing that left me confused is that there is mobile phone shown in some special holder (maybe it is placed on top of camera?!), but then gimbal shown without any attachment. Strange, but here we can move to another feature.

4. Follow focus and Phone Display

There is no word on whether follow focus will be packed as standard item with gimbal. It would be cool because more and more rivals supply gimbals with follow focus systems. I can bet that follow focus motor still will be sold separately. Another thing that might be handy for some of you – remote control from mobile phone. I am not sure how it can be used in real life unless you have shooting team out of several people.

5. Compatibility with Aftermarket

Ok, here it is a bit underestimation of the previous model. Ronin-S was also generously supported by 3rd party brands, so I doubt that situation will change. What I would like to see – additional handle from DJI, not some SmallRig or any other brand.

Overall this seems like a decent set of new features for the fresh model. Let’s hope that price-wise everything will be in the reasonable range. I am also interested to see if DJI would actually follow two-handed trend in the future. 😉

P.S.: I am not sure who makes promo videos for DJI, but this one for Ronin SC truly sucks. Is it that difficult to find good producer? :/

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