DJI Mavic Air – Just New?

Yes, we are not drone-focused website, but still those are quite interesting things. They are even more interesting if you just think of what you can do with those. DJI Mavic Air should come official quite soon, so I think it is worth discussing what new model will offer us.
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Completely New or Just Revised

Well, the main question is what new model will look like. There are already several leaks available. Moreover, on the photo here you can see front page of the user manual. It is obvious that model will look like hybrid of current Spark and Mavic Pro. In other words, the main question here is how overall shape will be designed. From what I can see on the leaked materials, it is a combo of different features, what should make it quite compact. Some claim that short “arms” look ugly a bit, but who cares about it? As long as this thing flies fast and able to hold its position in the air, it can have propellers even inside its main body. 🙂

Moreover, camera gimbal here reminds of the same element on the Spark. Nevertheless, many people complained about absence of 4k on small drone, so i is safe to say that new version will have such feature. I am not that sure about bigger camera sensor though. From one side it will bring better imaging quality, from the other – ramp up final price of the drone. Yes, 1 inch sensor was used in bigger models, but my guess is that this feature will stay as distinguishing element. In other words, if you want bigger sensor – look for Mavic’s bigger brother. Note that manual photo also features 32mp as one of the main features. Do you get the hint?

DJI Mavic Air – Price?

Here we have two options. First and the most probable in my opinion is placement of the newcomer between current Spark and Mavic Pro. Price gap is huge between these two, and some people don’t need functions of the upper tier model, but would like to see 4k video in their flying buddy. Another option – complete relpacement of the current Mavic Pro. In my opinion it is least probable move for Chinese manufacturer. We’ve seen new propellers and color for this drone, so I doubt that it will be replaced that fast. Moreover, new model will have more or better functions in order to make such upgrade reasonable. Let’s wait till tomorrow, and we will see what is the real outcome for the new drone from DJI. I hope for one thing – revised software, which will be more streamlined and less laggy.

What do you think?

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