Death of Inhumans #1 1:15 – The ONE You Can’t Miss

While people are obsessed with Red Goblin and stuff, I would like to talk about something different. Name hints on the main topic – Death of Inhumans #1 1:15 will be available quite soon. Surprising thing here is that this book will probably pass under radars of all comic gurus. Nevertheless, I think that this particular cover will have its own fans and might be even quite difficult to find. Let’s check it closer and understand why it might be worth buying.
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1 Book = 1st App

I wish it would be that easy – in each first issue of comicbook you will get first appearance of the new hero… Well, Death of Inhumans will be one of those rare publications. As you can guess, new series will tell us about the end of famous Inhumans. Well, of course, I doubt that they will disappear after this. Nevertheless, it is still interesting to see how authors will write such overused topic. (especially in Marvel universe) The most important thing here is that main writer is Donny Cates, who is famous for his tricks with storylines (yes, I look at you, Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider), so we will obviously get something unusual. One thing is already known – book will introduce new villain – Vox. There is no definite information on whether he will be present right in the first issue. Nevertheless, there is another interesting thing.

Precious Cover

Death of Inhumans #1 1:15 pictures are available online already, and just look at them. Here is this Vox, in his full beauty, if we can say so. In other words, it might be counted both as first appearance and first cover! In my opinion this is quite unusual approach for Marvel, and I am looking forward to see how many copies will be available. At the moment you can get this book under ratio on Ebay, but who knows what will happen on the release day. Note that standard cover with skull looks great too, even though it will be widely available and won’t have any value to it.

Death of Inhumans #1 1:15 – When?

This Variant cover is made by Kaare Andrews, and I recommend to check his other works. He did great covers for both Marvel and DC books, so you will find something up to your taste. Book is expected to come out on 4th of July, stay tuned and be ready.

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