Citizen CB0190-84L Review

Today we are going to check at the new Citizen CB0190-84L. This watch comes as one of two versions, you will also find black one in the same style. Nevertheless, I see blue dial a bit more sophisticated and suitable here, so I decided to review such version. It is worth noting that this watch also features a bit more words in the name – “Elegant Worldtime Radio Controlled Titanium”. Sounds like some super big robot from anime, right? Well, jokes aside, we are given quite an interesting features combo here, so let’s take a closer look together.
Here you can read about simple yet cool watch from Bulova.
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I would like to start with the dial on this watch. Citizen produces new watch in black and blue versions. The only difference is the “background” color, all other elements stay completely the same. It is worth noting that dial looks clear in both colors, so final choice will be up to you. On the outer ring manufacturer placed city names, these hint on worldtimer function. Small date window can be found at 3′ mark.

Handset comes in silver color with lume inserts in the middle. This is SuperLuminova material, so it should be quite bright in the dark. The only thing to note is that only hands and small squares in indices, feature lume layer. Note also red-pointed seconds hand what makes it easier to find on the dial. By the way, indices are also made out of white and red marks. Whole dial covered with sapphire glass. In my opinion it is a must in such watch.


Straightaway I would like to mention case size here – 43mm. In other words, it is not too big and looks fine on every wrist, unless you have really thin hands. We also tried CB0190-84L on woman’s wrist and it looked completely fine. Well, as long as this lady will be brave enough to wear such watch. 🙂

Whole case is made out of Super Titanium – special material used by Citizen in its watches. As result, whole watch weighs mere 94g and it is a bit surprising at first. You brain expects a bit more heft from such big dial, but it turns out there is not that much of weight. Lug width equals to 22mm. This number might surprise some, but whole lugs section doesn’t look oversized, so everything is ok here.

At the same time it is not too thin, but still fits under sleeves. Sharp clear edges create interesting composition with bracelet, which won’t be outdated too quick. Small crown features polished finish and handles all the functions in this watch including time zone selection. Rear cover is full metal, but there is no surprise in that. You won’t need it clear or openable, and we will talk about this in the following section.


New watch comes with Super Titanium bracelet. Thanks to this material it is quite light and you won’t feel it on your wrist. Some sections feature mirror polishing and it should be interesting to see how these will endure everyday use. To be fair it looks as one together with watch and I don’t have idea what could replace the bracelet.

Who knows, maybe some simple leather option would come handy and fit this watch. As for me, I would rather stick with standard option because it also reduces total weight.


Citizen CB0190-84L is a classic analogue quartz watch, but there is one trick inside. New model offers six month power reserve, and such number achieved with solar charging. Yes, this watch features so-called Eco-Drive which should make it easier to keep your watch going. Moreover, you can basically forget about battery replacement here. Bright light is accessible from time to time, unless you live in cave, so your watch will be charged. Moreover, you can extend power reserve if you active energy-saving mode. In such state watch should be able to work for 24 months!

There is also Radio-Controlled time setting which ensures precise time indication. Watch synchronizes time settings with special towers via radio signals. Worldtimer is also here, so it might be a nice choice for traveling around the world. Well, as soon as all borders will be open…

In Use

On the serious note I have to admit that this watch is quite comfortable in everyday use. I didn’t have a problem with wearing Citizen CB0190-84L for a long time. Light weight might be one of the key components in its equation. From the other side, not every watch fan would like such unusual lightness, so I recommend to try this watch in person.

Dial is legible, but sapphire glass catches reflections from time to time. I am not sure what is the cause of that, but you can notice it on the photos and video. Maybe I would also prefer to see a bit bigger crown here, but it is more of a personal preference (big fingers, yay).

By the way, on several photos and in the video you can see how this watch sits on woman’s wrist. We decided to add such photos because some watch might be interesting for ladies too. 🙂

Citizen CB0190-84L – Price

New watch should be available immediately, together with its black analogue. In my opinion, Citizen managed to create a product which is simple, yet elegant and busy with functions. Price should be set around 500USD, what places timepiece in a quite tricky market segment. There will be many rivals, and some people will have a hard time deciding on the right one. Nevertheless, if you don’t care about automatic movement and would like to have one reliable “workhorse” – definitely check this watch.

I see blue-dialed version as the one which will pick some traction on the market. Black color is a bit too strict and now people search for something different. Here is the hope that Citizen will hear us and present more colors for today’s watch.
That’s all for today, stay safe and we will see each other next time. 🙂

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