Citizen Billie Jean King Commemorative Watch Preview

Well, it might be worth taking a break from all those cars and look at new Citizen Billie Jean King Commemorative watch. Name says it all – fresh edition was created in order to honor recent partnership with tennis star. Moreover, Japanese watchmaker also acts as official timekeeper of US Open, and therefore we have second model – Citizen PRT 25th Anniversary US Open Commemorative Timepiece. Under these long names you will find nice elegant models, let’s check them closer.
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Citizen Billie Jean King Commemorative watch hints with its design that model was designed for women. Light watchface and simple elegant lines should suit any occasion. Note that light dial color is achieved with help of mother of pearl. Size of this model equals to 36 mm and should be fine for average women’s hand. It’s worth noting that strap is made out of vegan leather and finished in white color. Well, it might be tricky to keep clean such watch, but nice look should be worth it. Case here is made out of steel, and special edition is different because it features Billy Jean signature on the case cover. Nevertheless, there is no word about limited output for this model.

Well, it would be unfair to present only ladies’ Citizen Billie Jean King Commemorative watch, so watchmaker decided to second Limited Edition with even longer name – Citizen PRT 25th Anniversary US Open Commemorative Timepiece. This one is obviously masculine and finished in dark colors. Moreover, PRT version will be released in amount of 1000 pcs., what makes it truly limited. Both watches are powered with help of well-known Eco-Drive tech, and should be as reliable as other Citizen watches. Note that while previous model had clean white dial, men’s version features US Open logo and navy blue dial. Otherwise it’s completely classic timepiece from Citizen, which should be comfortable and suitable for everyday use.

There is no need to say that Limited Editions mean high price. Well, not in today’s case, both models should be quite affordable. Citizen Billie Jean King Commemorative watch will be sold for $225 and US Open limited watch for $250. Those are quite nice numbers, and I think that watches will find their fans. We all want to have something special on our hand, right? 😉

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