Casio GA-B2100C-9AER Watch Review

Today’s watch is not something completely unknown to you – Casio GA-B2100C-9AER comes as a notable upgrade to the famous G-Shock. Initial release became a small legend among watch collectors due to its design and usability. Nevertheless, there were few things that could have been added, and the new release fixes it by coming with all necessary stuff inside. Price increase is not that big, so I decided to get one and see if it is still a worthy thing and if upgrade version is the one you must get even if you have the previous model just like me. As usual, I suggest we start with video-review, where you will be able to check this watch from all possible angles.
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If you saw the previous model, then you will feel like home with Casio GA-B2100C-9AER. In other words, all main features stayed the same, so we still get circular dial with large indices and hands. I decided to get and review the yellow version, and it is important to mention that this one has contrast greyish indices and hands. Darker color have “stealthy” combination with non-contrast indices and hands, maybe some of you will like such style. Front size is 45.4mm, but I wouldn’t call this watch as something big and uncomfortable.

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I like the fact that whole dial is multi-level as it adds complexity to this watch and makes it a bit more sophisticated. Applied indices, dark grooves between them, raised central circle – all this just works together. Note also that sunray finish which comes together with Tough Solar inside. It is something what was not featured in the initial release.

Just like any other G-Shock, this one has a lot of writings on the dial, some of them are finished in different colors. Add here the bright yellow sub-hand, and it creates a mix of shades, but in real life it looks good. Moreover, this small color part works nicely with yellow case, so there is nothing wrong with it. As you remember, initial model had small digital display in the lower dial section, we still get it here, together with all necessary information. It offers a nice balance between analog and digital in the same place.

Night time shows few things about the dial on this watch. First of all, luminous layer is applied only on the hands, but not on indices. This creates a strange effect when you see some parts, but don’t see other. Yes, GA-B2100C-9AER also offers traditional light feature. I have to note that it is still delivered with help of sole LED in the corner, which does the work, but looks miserable to be honest.


Here comes the same thing – Casio GA-B2100C-9AER is not different from its predecessor. Don’t even try to find any differences here, we still get angled case with buttons protection and integrated-style strap. The only difference is slightly bigger weight – 52g. My yellow watch comes with black writings on the bezel. Overall quality looks fine and feels solid.

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Note that even here we still get stainless steel buttons. They are not that huge and come in polished finish. All four are still easy to operate even in the gloves, so you won’t have any issues here. Case thickness is 11.9mm, so it is not that big watch, even with all those protruding elements on it.

Dial glass is slightly dipped in relation to the bezel, so it adds an extra protection. Rear cover is stainless steel on screws, so it is not difficult to remove this part if needed.


Now we can talk about the main difference from the previous model. Casio GA-B2100C-9AER comes with upgraded solar movement which is a bit more useful in everyday use. Here you will get an extra feature in form of solar charging, and it is really handy sometimes. Moreover, this new caliber also features Bluetooth connectivity.

It is also worth noting that at the time of this review, I was not able to connect this watch to my iPhone as official app simply doesn’t have it in the list. This is a really strange thing and I hope application will get the necessary upgrade as soon as possible.


As it was mentioned, today’s watch features integrated-style strap, which can be changed if needed. Frankly speaking I have yet to see the strap combo which will actually look good with this case design. Who knows, maybe some modders will combine plastic case with original metal strap. Note that yellow version comes with black accessories, which look fine here. Overall fitment is good, but here we can move to our experience section.

In Use

I bought this watch and spent some time with it. I have to say that it is as good as previous release. Smart shape of the case makes it easy to wear even with long sleeves. Small weight turns this timepiece into weightless “bracelet” which you don’t notice after several minutes on your wrist. Yellow version comes with quite readable dial, so you won’t have any issues with time checking. I can’t say the same about darker colors though. Some of them look good in person, but not that legible as today’s watch.

I am still not sure about one LED backlight, as such feature is useful, but looks rather cheap here. Well, as the saying goes – “as long as it works”… I would have expected some luminous layer at least on four indices, but it still comes on hands only.

I didn’t have any issues with buttons, even though they might look small at first sight. Overall control is performed by classic G-Shock scheme, so fans will feel at home here. Small digital display is a handy add-on, and it doesn’t break the whole design of the watch, what is quite important in my opinion.

Rubber strap might look stiff, but it is not, and I was able to wear this watch whole day. The only thing to remember is that you can’t put the watch in plain position, for example, while traveling or storing it somewhere. It is good to see quick release on the strap, but I would rather stay with stock option.

Today’s bright yellow might look like too much of color on your wrist, but in reality it looks just fine. I didn’t have any problem with red watch, so yellow was good too. Yes, such version might not work with some outfits, especially official ones, unless you are very brave person. 😀 Jokes aside, the main advantage of the yellow color watch is better dial design and it is the right color for G-Shock, as G-Shocks should be always bright!

Casio GA-B2100C-9AER – Price and Availability

Unlike the previous model, new watch is widely available and can be bought immediately in all color versions. Price for the yellow one is clocked at 170EUR, what is quite reasonable for amount of features you will get inside. Don’t forget that darker colors are slightly cheaper (appr. 150EUR), so you can save some money by not getting the bright yellow version. Nevertheless, I would rather suggest to get the brightest one which you saw today in the video and photos.

This watch keeps all traditional G-Shock values intact, and also offers a bit more features in comparison with initial release. Of course, there is no secret that we will see more colors in the future, but even initial ones should be fine in everyday use. As you might know, metal version is also coming soon, so it will be interesting what else can be upgraded in B2100. I wonder if Casio will go all in and develop a version with full-dial LCD display combined together with traditional hands layout. Let’s wait and see. 🙂

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