Bulova: A History of Firsts (Assouline) Review

Yes, this time we are going to check something different from watches, yet connected with them – Bulova: A History of Firsts. Name hints on the main “hero” of this publication. Famous watchmaker has quite interesting history to tell, and now we’ve got a chance to see it in such heavy form. 🙂 Jokes aside, book is quite imposing and was created in cooperation with Assouline publisher. Let’s open it and check closer what information is on those nice pages.
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Book comes as celebration of watchmaker’s history. Here you will find eight chapters dedicated to various notable moments. Nevertheless, first I would recommend you to watch video, so that you understand how carefully this book is packed.

First there is minimalistic cardboard box with two flaps on the top. Of course, publication is wrapped into film and you will get a chance to tear it away from your copy. Book comes in huge thick and quite heavy “pocket” slipcase which should preserve it from possible damage on the shelf. Inside you will find black textile cover and nothing else. Well, some of us will definitely appreciate such minimalistic styling.

Colorful Memories

I recommend to do a quick pages flip when you get Bulova: A History of Firsts first time. It is amazing kaleidoscope of colors and shades, which should be interesting to check one-by-one. Whole publication recounts history of the watchmaker. Watch fans will understand scale of different events and moments here.

Just as an example, let’s not forget that Bulova watch was on the Moon. 🙂 In total there are 176 pages, what might sound not that impressive, but it is still interesting to carefully check each image. I love visual style of this book – bright, vivid and focusing attention on the most important things. In total there are more than 100 images from some history shots up to advertisements and posters of the era.

Bulova: A History of Firsts – Luxury Reading

In my opinion this book is a must-have for any watch fan. Moreover, it will serve nice not only as a good read, but also as “table book”. We all keep one on our worktable, right? If not, that’s the right one to start with. The only thing that comes to my mind – not that big amount of text inside. Yes, this book is not about long and boring texts, but sometimes it is interesting to know more about this or that photo. What about having separate chapter with all text commentaries? 🙂 As for the price, it is set at quite reasonable level for such book. There is no word about printing run of Bulova: A History of Firsts, but my guess is that number won’t be huge.

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