Breitling Premier B01 Wheels and Waves Hands On

Limited Editions keep coming almost everyday, but here we would talk about something special. Breitling Premier B01 Wheels and Waves celebrates famous event and should be available in several versions. We got a chance to check closer the rarest of them – Red Gold edition. This type will be limited to 100 pieces only. Without any extra words, let’s move straight to what is offered to us here.
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Classic Chronograph

First of all I have to note that here we get traditional Premier B01 watch inside. If you had a chance to try some of other versions, this one will be familiar to you. Nevertheless, it would be strange to see Limited Edition without any extra additions, so Breitling designers decided to add few touches. Small note – Red Gold version will be released with three dial colors, here we have anthracite shade.

Like it or not, but such color combo works nicely in gold case. Nevertheless, new Limited Edition brings special dial element – minute counter. Red scale will be exclusive to Breitling Premier B01 Wheels and Waves, so there are no other options if you like it. Add here special engraving on the rear cover and special edition is finished.


This is classic Swiss chronograph, so we get Breitling 01 caliber inside. Such movement is COSC certified and has power reserve up to 70 hours. Such specs should be more than enough for everyday use. Chronograph functions are represented by red hand on the main dial. This is nice color touch in overall composition which should be easy to track on your wrist.


As I wrote in the beginning, if you have had a chance to try Premier B01 before, this one won’t surprise. We get high-quality watch with 42mm case and leather strap. Such combination sits nicely on your wrist and I didn’t feel any discomfort. Pushers and crown are easy to operate. I can say that such design is suitable for everyday use, especially if you go for non-precious metal case. Gold version looks and feels great too, but it will require more of bravery from you to wear such watch everyday.

Breitling Premier B01 Wheels and Waves – Price

New watch will have price tag with 25000 USD (brown dial will be even more expensive) on it. Well, let’s not forget that we are talking about Red Gold version here, which will be limited to 100 pieces only. I doubt that such watch will be available for too long, so you can find yours in original Breitling boutique. Don’t forget that you can also save a bit and get steel case. 😉 Any version might be a worthy addition to your collection especially if Premier B01 design is fine for your taste.

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