Bose Noise Making Earbuds will help You Sleep Better

Yeah, you read it right – new Bose Noise Making Earbuds promise something interesting. In other words you should sleep good due to noise made by those buds. Quite unusual idea, right? Well, now you can support it on Indiegogo, so let’s take a closer look at it.
By the way, here you can read review with another interesting thing.
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Ears Tight

To say it straight, Bose proposes us to adopt new way of sleeping. This time we should go to bed with earbuds in our ears, and they will help us sleep better. First of all it can be explained by the fact that new gadget will generate soothing sounds. In other words, you will hear calm sounds while going to sleep, and that can be an interesting option to pills, right? Bose Noise Making Earbuds feature preloaded relaxing “noises” which should help you dive into sleep and avoid long periods of trying to close eyes and sleep. Sounds interesting, but I wonder if there is only passive noise isolation or active system is also present (pictures show passive system only). Effect will be definitely better with active system, but Bose doesn’t mention it on official page. Of course, headphones in ears should make alarms more effective too.

Relaxing Charge

Latest fashion dictates that earbuds should be separate and have their own case. Well, in sleep use case such design sounds logical, because otherwise there is possibility to be suffocated by your own headphones. 😀 Of course, separate case also serves as charger for Bose Noise Making Earbuds, and that idea is already well-known and handy. Internal battery should provide one more full charge for Earbuds, and that might come handy in some situations. Earbuds should also come with three different rubber parts for better fitment. 🙂

Coming Quite Soon

All those promises sound quite interesting. Product should be available on the market soon, but there are still some questions on its use. First of all – what it would be to sleep with earbuds in ears, because shape seems not that sleek. In other words, how they will press in your ears once you lie on one of the sides? I hope that Bose is able to predict such issues too and we will get comfortable product. Well, all early bird packs are sold out on Indiegogo, so now you should wait for commercial release of this thing.

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