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Bang&Olufsen H4

New H4 from Bang&Olufsen and why they are not as good as they could be.

This manufacturer doesn’t need extra intro, we all know sound products from them. Moreover, they always feature some special design, which looks like not from this planet. Well, new wireless headset definitely won’t be included in this category. Under simple name “H4” Bang&Olufsen decided to present their new on-ear headphones.
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Those are classic bluetooth “cans”, which might be connected to your laptop, mobile or even player (if it has bluetooth). If one of those devices doesn’t have wireless technology, you can use 3,5mm cable, which will connect headphones with output. It’s funny to see that B&O didn’t follow recent Apple trend with lightning output and included standard cable. H4 feature 40mm drivers, which should be more than enough for loud sound.As far as I understood, microphone for conversations is installed directly into headphones and can be used both with wire and wireless. Moreover, headphones will be able to connect to one device at time, so no multiconnect between phone and laptop. 🙁

What surprised me – absence of any noise-cancelling system. Here we have only passive methods, which might be not that effective in some cases. Moreover, price level is set on the number, where you can get some good headphones with noise-cancellation inside. It will be interesting, how H4 will justify its 300 EUR tag. Some might consider their weight as an advantage – 235g should be easy to carry on your head.

Another thing – at the moment new model is available in one color only. You can see it on the photos, manufacturer named it as Charcoal Grey. I have no doubt that there will be other variations available, but that’s quite strange that on the launch we have only one color version. Inside their is enough battery juice to play up to 19 hrs of music. Charging headphones will take 2,5 hrs as manufacturer claims. Note that Bang&Olufsen decided to use good old microUSB for charging, which can be considered as an advantage by some. Another surprisingly conservative feature – normal control buttons, without any touch interfaces or other “special” things.

This is definitely not a feature powerhouse, and for 300 EUR you will get nice design, decent playtime and normal button controls. From the other side, be ready to live with single connection, no noise cancellation and one color only. Let’s not forget that Bang&Olufsen products were famous for their design (which is modest here) and sound quality. If you are ready for all those things – check new H4 as possible candidate for purchase.

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