Apple Macbook Pro 2019 – This is Madness?!

Every laptop upgrade for this brand goes without extra noize and Apple Macbook Pro 2019 is not an exclusion. Changes in HW, small upgrades in keyboard, extended warranty – all that comes to us this year. Now try to check their website and configure the top configuration for 15 inch model. 6550 USD is the number and that’s not even the final number because you can also pay for Final Cut and Logic Pro software. Well, wait – there are also some things like engraving for even more money, but we won’t mention them. So what do we get for such enormous price?
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Not For You

Specs sheet might look impressive on the first sight. For hefty price tag we would receive laptop with 8 core i9 processor. Add here 32GB of RAM and 4Tb SSD storage, and picture will be complete. I am quite surprised that there are no upgrades for the screen even though laptop is targeted on creative people. Remember old generations when at least there was matte screen option? Now the only matte screen in this laptop is the touchbar…

The most expensive component in Apple Macbook Pro 2019? SSD drive upgrade, which will take impressive 2800 USD from you. That can be the price of another laptop! Well, you should be used to this because Apple owners don’t save money, right? I wonder how much will cost separate hard drive with equal storage. Quick search on Amazon shows that such external drive should cost around 800 USD. Impressive difference, right?


Now all this nice and good, but what you can get for equal price if you would move to Windows kingdom. My first thought – Alienware laptops. Yes, those are bigger, heavier, but they pack more punch for the same price. Just look at it – Alienware 51M. Yes, it will be a bit more expensive in top configurations, but specs are completely different from what you get in Apple product. First of all there is a bigger 120Hz screen, which will bring you better image and better usability. More powerful graphic card can be also considered as an advantage. I don’t understand recent Apple obsession with AMD cards. Those are not so great for graphics works, and every professional will say the same.

Another gaming warrior is Asus Zefirus, which is comparable in specs to the previous laptop. It offers pantone-graded screen, while Apple doesn’t have such feature even as an option. Different keyboard layout might be handy for some of you too.

Apple Macbook 2019 – Still Worthy Candidate?

I am not sure who would be getting new 15 inches Pro today. Price is just so crazy that it can’t be even justified. 15 inch screen won’t bring a lot of real estate, and you will have to cope with butterfly keyboard. Should I mention that it has big probability of going south and then it would be necessary to go for replacement? Here I can finish only with slightly changed famous quote – “This is madness? This is APPLE!!!”

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