Alexander Shorokhoff Crossing 2 Brings Extra

This article is dedicated to fresh release – Alexander Shorokhoff Crossing 2. We all know when movie comes out and has number two in its name it has quite difficult task of overcoming previous success. The same mission assigned to the new watch from German manufacturer. It brings some extra features, but is it enough? Let’s take a closer look.
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Divisions, Divisions, Divisions…

First and the most important feature in the new watch is fresh dial design. Creators decided to separate each function into its own segment. Lower circular section indicates seconds, large dial ring shows minutes and small window at “12” mark is an hour indicator. Sounds a bit confusing, right? Well, it is only because we try to explain everything with words. Once you take a look at photos it should be easy to understand what is what.

Alexander Shorokhoff Crossing 2 front view
Red and blue look good together

The only confusing thing here is the large top circle. It is pure design thing and it is not used for any indication. Note that this segment also differs depending on the version you will choose. Yes, there are several versions from now on. New one is finished in red color and combines blue mother of pearl insert. Hands in this watch are also finished in blue color. It makes quite impressive composition, so I would go straight for this new edition.

Straps Choice

I decided to dedicated a separate chapter to straps choice. On the official photos you might see watch with croco version fitted. Such combo looks classic and stuff, but there is one more thing which was hidden in press-release. Watchmaker also offers milanese strap with new model. There are no photos, but something tells me that such version would be the right one to pick. Moreover, you can buy leather later, right?

Under the Bonnet

Inside new watch you will find automatic movement by Dubois Depraz. It can be seen through clear rear cover. Alexander Shorokhoff decided to add classic hand engraving on the rotor and it looks impressive. Power reserve here equals 40 hours, so I would not recommend to leave this beauty on table for a long periods.

Rear view of red version
Just look at this rotor!

Alexander Shorokhoff Crossing 2 – Price

Price is set at 4000 EUR and whole run should be limited to 25 pieces for each dial version. Here comes the interesting thing, official press-release mentions three versions, but photos show only two. I wonder what the third one looks like. Nevertheless, it is good to see brand going into right direction and making more and more elegant watches. Those new timepieces don’t look cheap and might be a perfect choice for those who would like to have something special.

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